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How Does Installing a Mezzanine Floor Actually Work? | Allen Mezzanines

When it comes to mezzanine floors, one of the most common questions we’re asked after “what is it?” and “how can it help me?” is “how do you actually go about designing and installing it?”. In this blog we’ll detail the entire process from start to finish, and hopefully debunk a couple of myths and allay a few concerns along the way…!

Mezzanine Facts

A mezzanine floor can effectively double your workspace, saving you the cost of moving to new premises.

Firstly, if you’re still unsure whether a mezzanine floor is for you or not, let’s remind ourselves what it can do. The typical mezzanine that people think of is the steel structure you might find in a warehouse, allowing a business to effectively double it’s floor-space and storage area. Whilst that is a common application of a mezzanine floor, it’s certainly not the only way they can be used. For example, we have many clients who have a mezzanine floor installed to increase their office space or add in meeting rooms & breakout areas for their staff. These are far from the plain steel structures people tend to think of and are seamlessly worked into the existing space with smart use of chrome, glass and other premium materials to create a new area that blends in perfectly with the surroundings. In truth, a mezzanine floor can be used in pretty much any premises where the business requires more space to work. Just ask us if you’re unsure whether it’s suitable for you or not!

So, onto the process itself. People often imagine that this could mean months and months of disruption to their day-to-day business, but in truth this really depends on the size and scale of the project. Many of our mezzanine clients are able to go about their usual operations from day one through to completion, but there are of course others who have to make some room for our experts to work their magic for a while.

Typically, we will start by having a detailed discussion with you before we start. We will agree timescales, potential disruptions, and of course the likely costs involved before going to the first stage of design. Once we know exactly what you need, we’ll visit to take detailed measurements of the area of the building that will house the new mezzanine and assess all the site conditions which could potentially affect the installation process. Method statements and risk assessments are carried out for each installation to highlight any potential hazards that may put operatives and other people at risk of harm. Measures are then put in place to reduce the risk to a minimal level, and ultimately eliminating any risk altogether. A schedule of works will also be produced for larger projects, detailing the timing and flow of work  and thus aiding the smooth transition to completion of the installation.

Mezzanine Fact

Our CAD technology ensures you get a clear preview of your mezzanine floor before you sign it off for manufacturing.

Your mezzanine will then be designed using our Mezzanine CAD software which will produce all the relevant comprehensive structural calculations for the design, as well as a detailed visual representation of what the finished article will look like. You’ll be presented with a 3D image of your mezzanine structure, showing you exactly what your floor will look like including all cross-bracing, staircases, handrails and pallet gates etc. On completion of the design, your dedicated Project Manager will issue you with a General Arrangement drawing for your approval. Should you need to make any changes to the design at this stage, we’ll simply go away and make the changes and then re-issue you with a revised drawing. Once you’re completely happy with the design we will produce fabrication drawings which will later be sent through to the factory for manufacture.

The aforementioned calculations, along with all drawings and other relevant information, will then be sent to your Local Authority or approved inspector for checking and final approval. This ensures that the structure that we are proposing to you is of sound design, and that the means of escape are safe and adequate for the type of installation. This can be a complicated process, so we undertake this for you completely free of charge!

Once approval is received and the design is spot on, we can then send this down to the factory floor for manufacturing. The whole system is very efficient and allows us to produce mezzanine floors very quickly, with lead times from customer approval being typically 2-4 weeks. All steel components are shotblasted and spray painted to RAL or BS specifications. When the structure is ready for installation, all the materials are delivered together on one lorry and unloaded using a forklift truck by your dedicated Installation Team. This team will be comprised of professionals who will undertake the building of your mezzanine floor to the highest standards, and always with your interests as the top priority. They have all completed the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and are fully trained to operate lifting access equipment such as forklift trucks and scissor lifts which are normally required for installation. All work carried out on site will be done so in accordance with CDM (Construction Design & Management) regulations and Health and Safety guidelines. Your mezzanine installation will be completely managed by your dedicated Allen Mezzanines Project Manager from start to finish, ensuring that you have one point of contact throughout the duration of the installation process. This premium level of personal service will be the same whether your mezzanine is a simple small installation or a more complex multi-tiered structure.

We’re very proud to say that we have never had any accidents on any of our sites, as we closely monitor Health & Safety practices on site on an ongoing basis. We have Professional, Employers and Public Liability insurances in place, copies of which are available to you upon request at any time.

So there you have it; that’s how a mezzanine floor goes from a gleam in your eye to a functional addition to your workspace in just a few short weeks! If you’re interested in finding out more, give us a call on 01462 484 022 or email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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