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Allen Mezzanines: What can a Mezzanine Floor do for you?

In a recent blog article, we debunked some of the common myths around mezzanine floors and the processes of designing & installing them.

But what different uses can a mezzanine offer?

We’ve listed the most common types of mezzanine floor jobs we undertake below.

Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor can be so much more than just a typical steel storage structure.

Extra Storage

A mezzanine floor can effectively double your floorspace, which means twice as much room for all that stock you’re holding! Pallet gates and stairways make it easy to transfer large quantities of stock, deliveries or other items very safely and quickly.
Office Space
When people think of a typical mezzanine floor, they think of the classic orange and blue metalwork in a warehouse. The truth is, mezzanine floors are commonly used to increase office space by creating a second floor in existing premises. Through our use of glass, chromium and many more materials we are able to create premium-quality working environments for your employees on a mezzanine.

Retail & Shopping

Individual shops and entire shopping centres can benefit greatly from a mezzanine floor. Retail spaces in prime locations are not cheap to say the least, so once again a mezzanine can be a great way to double your shop floor area without having to move to a much more expensive unit.

Mezzanine Floors

This type of mezzanine is commonly used to increase warehouse capacity.

Distribution Centres
We know how “seasonal” a lot of haulage and distribution companies can be. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to be paying for huge premises that you’re only using half of for most of the year, when you could have a much more cost-effective solution in a mezzanine floor. That way your outlay is so much less than a bigger building, yet you’re still kitted out with the floorspace required in the lead up to Black Friday and Mega Monday!

Mezzanine floors are often used in the production industry, especially as a business begins to grow. To overcome the challenge of creating more space (without adding huge costs and disruption associated with moving to new premises), a mezzanine floor is an ideal solution. Also, a mezzanine floor can eventually be taken to new premises if business growth means that a move of premises is unavoidable in the long run.

Manufacturing Facilities
The best manufacturing facilities run with an “ergonomic” design that maximises both space and productivity. We can design a mezzanine floor specifically with your load-bearing requirements in mind, as often a manufacturing facility will feature a multitude of heavy machinery.

Automation is the future. A lot of automated manufacturing can take place away from ground level, so a mezzanine can be indispensable to this type of business. In a large manufacturing facility, the most obvious place to expand is upwards. People often forget they’re paying for cubic feet rather than square feet..!

Whatever it is you need your mezzanine floor to do for you, we can help. Why not fill out our Fast Quote form now and see what we can do for you and your business?

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