Hopefully, over the course of previous articles, we’ve started to build a picture of just how versatile mezzanines can be, but just to emphasise the point we’re going to list out the most common ways a mezzanine can be used to help a business grow.

Mezzanine Facts

A mezzanine floor can effectively double your workspace, saving you the cost of moving to new premises.

We’ve covered what a mezzanine floor does, we’ve dispelled the common mezzanine myths, and we’ve explained how the mezzanine installation process works. So, listed below are the most common ways mezzanine floors are used to help businesses.

Storage & Warehousing

Perhaps the most common use for mezzanines; they provide ideal storage solutions – and often in far more robust ways than simple racking and shelving. Mezzanines can allow for truly ergonomic warehousing of products, so that access to all stock remains simple and easy.

Retail Space

Think about Christmas shopping… no one likes being crammed into a small space with no room to browse and a queue to the tills that takes up the entire shop floor! Maximise your retail space with a new mezzanine level and display your products the way they deserve to be seen. Not only do you get far more space and add value to your premises, but you can also make more sales to more customers!


We know how it is; most businesses experience seasonal peaks and troughs in supply and demand, and as such their warehousing requirements and storage capacities will change. Therefore, the ability to maximise space as well as maintaining easy access to stock is essential when it comes to space planning inside distribution centres. Mezzanine floors can offer the perfect remedy!

Mezzanine Fact

Mezzanine floors can be so much more than just a basic steel structure.

Office Space

Whether you need to up-size your existing office or you’d like to add a whole new office space to your premises, a mezzanine floor is often the right fit. It allows you to increase workspace without using up valuable floor space on your existing level. This application of mezzanines is particularly useful for manufacturing companies who need to add an office environment later down the line.


That leads us nearly on to the next point; the best-designed and most productive manufacturing facilities run with an ergonomic design that maximises space and workflow. It’s important to remember that the types of mezzanines used in manufacturing facilities need to match the load bearing for heavy machinery, as well as the people working on the new floor.


In large automation facilities, it’s nearly always the case that the biggest empty spaces are above your head. When you signed the lease on your premises, you agreed to pay for cubic metres and not just square feet, so make the most of the space you’re already paying for! Adding a mezzanine floor is the ideal solution and avoids an expensive upheaval of all your equipment.

Production Lines

Another very common place to find mezzanines in action are production facilities; especially as these businesses begin to grow. They can help overcome the challenges of creating more workspace, without the overwhelming costs and disruption associated with moving premises. Remember, if you do eventually outgrow the premises even after a mezzanine is installed, the floor can always be taken with you to the new premises for re-installation!

We like to think we know what we’re doing when it comes to mezzanine floors, so we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call on 01462 484022 today and make the first step towards taking your business to the next level!

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